Self-storage is a great way to declutter your home and free up valuable space. But if you haven’t taken the time to plan out how you’re going to store your furniture, your new unit can quickly become cluttered with items that are difficult to access or move around once they are inside. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, follow these simple steps for efficient furniture storage:

Choose the Right Unit Size

Choosing the right size of the unit is a crucial part of your furniture storage plan. A unit that’s too large can be inconvenient and costly, but one that’s too small can mean you have to make multiple trips to move your belongings back and forth between your self-storage unit and other locations.

Choose the right size of the unit by considering how often you’ll be accessing it, as well as how many boxes or pieces of furniture you’ll need to store there. A larger unit may seem like a good idea at first because it gives you more room for storing items over time; however, if the extra space isn’t needed immediately, then having a larger unit makes moving things in and out more difficult than necessary because everything won’t fit through the door at once. This can also cause problems with humidity levels inside—and possibly mold growth—so choose wisely!

Don’t Rush to Pack Your Items – Take Your Time

It may feel like you are in a rush to get your items packed and stored, but don’t let this pressure you into packing too quickly. If you want to save space and avoid damage, you must take your time when packing. Some simple steps can help ensure the safety of your items while they are in storage:

  • Make sure to use the right tools for the job. Packing tape, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes (available at the Prestige Storage shop) will help protect fragile items from being crushed or broken during transit or while they’re in storage.
  • Take stock of how much available space you have left before beginning to pack. This way, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later on when it comes time for unpacking! And if possible, try not to overdo it on boxes; remember that these need room for air circulation around them so they don’t become contaminated by mold.
  • Having enough time is another factor worth keeping in mind when deciding not only where all those precious possessions will go but also how long they’ll need to be in storage.

Measure Everything and Take Note of Its Dimensions

This is the single most important step in the process. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start sorting. Get your spreadsheet out and add the dimensions of all items to it. You’ll want to make sure you have enough space in your unit for everything that needs to fit there comfortably—if not, go get another unit! 

Modularise Your Furniture

The most effective way to store furniture is to modularise it. For example, if your sofa is too big to fit into a storage unit all at once, consider breaking it down into smaller pieces. You could even use furniture that can be disassembled or stacked flat for easy storage. If you have large pieces of furniture that cannot be broken down or stored in small spaces, consider storing them in a different unit from the rest of your items.

Wrap Items Thoroughly and Pack Them into Boxes or Totes

You’ll want to wrap the furniture items in plastic sheets, before placing them in storage boxes or totes. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most popular methods include:

  • Taping bubble wrap over all sides of the item, then wrapping with packing paper or newspaper and taping it up around all sides with clear tape.
  • Use painter’s tape to secure a single sheet of bubble wrap around all sides of an item before placing it in its box or bag.

Don’t Place Large Items on Top of One Another When Stacking

Whatever you do, don’t stack any items on top of one another. Leave space between each piece and make sure to leave room for air circulation. If you want to move your furniture around your unit from time to time, this will be almost impossible if everything is stacked together.

It’s also important to avoid stacking too high or too low as this can cause damage over time (think about how much pressure those books are putting on the table), as well as getting items dirty (the dust bunnies).

Clean and Refurbish All Items Before Storage

You should clean and refurbish all of your items before storing them. This can be done by simply dusting and wiping down the item, or by doing a more thorough cleaning. The more thorough you are when cleaning an item, the longer it will last in storage.

Refurbishing an item means repairing any damage that has occurred to it over time, such as cracks or scuffs on the surface of furniture. You may also want to refurbish some items if they have been made obsolete by technological advancements; for example, you may not need any old VCR players in your storage unit because everyone now uses DVD players instead!

Take Photos of Everything

Always take photos of everything first! You never know what could happen while your things are stored away from home, so if there is any chance of them being damaged or lost due to negligence on behalf of the facility or its employees, having photos will help prove exactly what was contained within each container at one point in time.

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