Self-storage could be a wonderful alternative if you’re relocating or running a business and need a cost-effective place to keep your products. However, there are a few self-storage myths that may lead you to question if it’s truly worth it. Let’s debunk a few of the most frequent self-storage myths.

You’re Locked into a Long Term Lease 

Although some storage containers and facilities may require a long-term agreement, keep in mind that they are not apartments. Rent is paid on a month-to-month basis for the most part. Storage unit renters, as well as those who only require storage for a few months, can rapidly change units if their storage needs change. 

Storage Facilities Are Costly  

While some storage facilities appear to be too costly for the services they offer, others are reasonably priced. Prestige Storage has a large selection of units in a variety of sizes. Our experts will gladly assist you in finding the right one. When you consider the value of your personal belongings, such as antiques, artwork and electronics, renting a monthly storage container may be a considerably more cost-effective option than having them replaced if they get damaged in your home or garage.

Storage Facilities Are Unkempt and Unclean

Many of us have seen a bleak, dimly lighted storage facility utilised as the backdrop for an action sequence or drama in a TV show or film. However, this isn’t always the case. At Prestige Storage, our units are well-lit and well-protected.

Only Junk is Stored in Storage Facilities 

On rare occasions, there is a link between storage facilities and hoarding or junk accumulation. While this is true in some instances, self-storage can be useful in a variety of circumstances. A few examples include moving storage, life event storage and temporary storage. Self-storage isn’t just for a specific type of item or a small amount of stuff. It has the potential to be a very adaptable storage system.

Only Personal Items Can Be Stored in Self-Storage Units 

Isn’t self-storage solely for personal items? Isn’t it true that companies can just keep things at their office or warehouse? Wrong! Self-storage is an excellent alternative for businesses, particularly small enterprises that need extra space for inventory or office supplies. 

Self-Storage is Not Safe 

The truth is that the self-storage business is proud of its use of cutting-edge security technology to protect the safety of both facilities and individual units. When you visit a storage facility, inquire about specific security precautions. Like the Prestige Storage facility in Johannesburg, it should have a secure entry, high walls, security cameras that are monitored and cover the entire outside and hallway area, adequate lighting and an alarm system.

Signing Up for Self-Storage is Difficult

It’s now as simple as signing up for Netflix to rent a storage unit. You can reserve and rent a storage unit online. You can rent a storage unit

without having to talk to anyone;

At some time in our lives, we all require storage. Self-storage may be the solution for you if you are renovating your home, going through a traumatic life event, downsizing or simply outgrowing your present call. Give Prestige Storage a call to discuss your storage needs.