If you’re in the business of distributing and shipping items, finding the right storage location can be difficult, especially with today’s trend of brick-and-mortar businesses increasingly moving to e-commerce. Although space comes at a premium, setting up an extra warehouse can be costly and time-consuming, not to mention the physical labour that comes with it. Fortunately, there’s another option available to businesses everywhere: self-storage units. Self-storage units have many benefits that could make them the ideal solution for your shipping needs, including increased efficiency and reduced overhead costs.

Traditional Warehouses

Businesses have long used warehouses to store inventory and other materials. However, these facilities can be expensive to rent or purchase, and they may not be located near population centres where customers are located. In addition, warehouses require employees to receive, store and retrieve items, which can add to labour costs.

In comparison, storage unit facilities do not require professional employees to run them, which can significantly reduce operational costs. This means businesses can use a larger portion of their revenue toward inventory and other items that generate revenue. In addition, these facilities are usually available near urban areas where potential customers reside, which minimises transportation time and expenses associated with moving materials around. This can be especially helpful if your business supplies local customers such as restaurants or manufacturers. Finally, you can move your stored materials from one facility to another very easily in case there’s an issue with your primary location.

Save Money on Labour Costs

Perhaps the most significant way that businesses can save money by using self-storage units is on labour costs. With a traditional warehouse, businesses have to staff someone to be on-site at all times to receive shipments and oversee inventory. This is not the case with self-storage units, which can be accessed 24/7 by authorised personnel. As a result, businesses can save money on labour costs by using self-storage units.

 This cost savings can often be significant because, in addition to staffing costs, businesses must also provide benefits for employees who work at their facilities. So reducing labour costs can make a major difference when you look at your overall business budget.

For these reasons and more, self-storage units are becoming an increasingly popular option for small businesses looking to improve their operations and reduce their expenses.

Space is Flexible

One of the main benefits that businesses find when they switch to self-storage units is flexibility in space. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that perfectly meets your needs. And if your needs change down the road, you can easily adjust by renting a different size unit.

 Most traditional warehouses don’t offer that kind of flexibility. Because they’re built with a specific purpose in mind, it can be difficult to change their size as your business needs change. A self-storage unit is a smart investment because it allows you to use space more efficiently and effectively over time, providing a greater return on your investment.

Easy Access to Inventory

Another benefit that businesses enjoy when using self-storage units is easy access to inventory. With a warehouse, businesses have to schedule employees to be on-site during business hours to oversee inventory coming in and out. This can be costly in terms of both time and money. However, with a self-storage unit, businesses can access their inventory 24/7, which is a huge time saver.

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Protection from the Elements

Self-storage units protect your belongings from the elements. Traditional warehouses are often not climate controlled, which can damage your inventory. With a self-storage unit, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Quicker Shipping and Receiving Process

One of the main reasons businesses are choosing self-storage units over traditional warehousing is the quicker shipping and receiving process. With a self-storage unit, businesses can have their items shipped directly to the unit, which saves time and money. Additionally, self-storage units are typically located near major highways, making it easy and convenient for businesses to access their inventory.

 Businesses can use containers of different sizes in self-storage units, making them a more versatile option for businesses. Many storage facilities also offer climate control units that enable businesses to optimise their space by storing temperature-sensitive items. 

Self-storage units are smaller than traditional warehouses and typically have higher ceilings, which makes it easier for business owners to move things around on their own. Storage units are also secured with a gate, giving businesses peace of mind knowing that their items are safe from theft or damage.

 More and more businesses are discovering how self-storage units can help them become more efficient. Whether it’s by storing excess inventory or shipping and receiving products directly from suppliers, these facilities provide several benefits that traditional warehousing just can’t match.

Less Damage, Fewer Products Lost

In a self-storage unit, your products will be stored in an enclosed space. This means that there is less of a chance that your products will be damaged by the elements or other people. There is also less of a chance that your products will get lost in a self-storage unit because they will be organised and easy to find.

 Traditional warehousing options like warehouses and shipping containers don’t have security systems in place. If your products are damaged or lost, you will have no way of knowing if they happened at your warehouse or during transport. You will also not be able to see damage or loss until after it has occurred, which could cost you big.

Prestige Storage: We Know Self-Storage for your Business 

At Prestige Storage, we understand how self-storage works for business owners. That’s why we offer 24/7 monitoring and surveillance systems, so your property will always be safe while stored with us. We also provide multiple gate hours, which allow our customers to enter and exit at their convenience. And because we’re conveniently located off of one of the major highways in town, you’ll never have any difficulty getting here. Contact us today to learn more about how self-storage in Johannesburg can benefit your business.