How To Prepare for Self-Storage Like a Pro

Preparing your property for self-storage can be complex. It is more than just loading stuff on the back of a van or truck and hauling it to a storage facility. Remember, you are taking your goods to the storage facility for future use. Therefore, getting ready for self-storage need not be rocket science if you are equipped with the following pearls of wisdom from Prestige Storage.

Clean Your Furniture

You can’t take dirty goods into a storage facility. Besides it being unhygienic, your assets are likely to age or get damaged quicker and might be of little or no use when you retrieve them.  Get a cleaning service if you have to, but never take dirty goods for storage!

Get Packing Ready 

Obviously, you have already done an inventory of the stuff you are taking into storage. Whether it will stay there short or long-term, the goods need to be packed into strong cardboard/wardrobe boxes. You will also need moving blankets and packing paper. Prestige Storage’s on-site shop is fully stocked with bubble wrap, locks, boxes, packaging tape and other moving supplies to get you packing and storage ready. 

Research Storage Restrictions

Some of your belongings cannot be stored in a storage unit. You have to acquaint yourself before packing about what these items are. For instance, at Prestige Storage, the following items cannot be stored in the units: gas bottles, illegal or stolen goods, plants and perishables, jewellery, animals and flammable goods (petrol, diesel, oils, etc.).

Clearly Label Your Packages and Boxes 

You have packed your items according to categories. Avoid the hustle of opening every package before you find what you are looking for in future. Be specific when you label your boxes. For example, you can write ‘children’s linen’ on a certain box instead of just ‘linen’. This will save you a tremendous amount of time when searching for specific items in your storage unit.

Pack The Right Way

After cleaning, this is the most important step of preparing for storage. Badly packed items are likely to get damaged or broken while en route to the facility. If they are slightly bruised, they might be of little use in future. Thus, it is important to do a good job at packing to ensure that your furnishings are safe from the pickup, travel, down to dropping and storing it in your self-storage unit. Fragile items like TVs, mirrors, computers and silverware could be packaged and loaded separately into your private care, for example. Take note to use moving blankets and bubble wrap for extra protection during transportation. 

Choose A Reputable and Trusted Storage Facility

Choosing which storage facility to entrust with your goods should be a carefully considered, yet uncomplicated, considered decision. From our standpoint, Prestige Storage is the obvious choice for any business or client that wants a safe, professional, convenient and elite storage facility in the middle of Johannesburg. Our clean storage units enjoy surveillance through a state-of-the-art security system bolstered by a 24/7/365 security guard patrol backed up by a reaction unit. We have the right storage unit for your assets. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable storage consultants are always on hand and eager to provide you with options that will work best for your needs. Give us a call at 011 493 9997 or WhatsApp at 074 777 0333 to learn about the prestigious storage experience that you can only get from Prestige Storage.