If you’re moving, storing items in a self-storage unit is a great way to save time and money. But if you have fragile items that need extra care, it’s important to know how to pack them properly so they don’t get damaged in transit or when they’re stored. Here are a few tips on storing fragile items safely—and what to ask yourself before packing up delicate belongings.

Before You Start Storing Fragile Items

Before you start storing your fragile items, make sure the unit is clean and dry. This might sound like an obvious step, but it’s easy to forget to check this after you’ve moved everything in.

Check for temperature and humidity levels. If there are any leaks or damage that could affect your items, find out how quickly the company can fix them before storing anything more than a few days’ worths of clothes in a unit.

Make sure the security at your facility is sufficient for protecting valuable items such as fine china or jewelry; many facilities have alarms and cameras installed, but they may not be monitored 24 hours per day (or they may not be monitored at all). You’ll want to check that there aren’t any problems with these features when renting space in an unsecured area of an otherwise secure building—and make sure that access points are locked down so no one can gain entry without authorization from management staff.*

Choosing a Self Storage Unit

When choosing a self-storage unit, it’s best to choose one that is climate controlled. Some self-storage units offer units with air conditioning and heat, while others only allow specific temperature ranges. If you’re storing items in your unit that require special temperatures to maintain their condition (such as food), then you’ll want to make sure your unit has this feature.

Additionally, when choosing a storage unit location, look for one that’s close to the entrance and easily accessible. This will make it easier for you and others who will be accessing the contents of the unit over time if necessary; plus it makes it harder for anyone else who may try breaking into or otherwise damaging your belongings! 

Finding the Right Boxes

Boxes are your best friend. Boxes will keep your valuables safe and secure during their stay in storage. Boxes can help you to pack up all of your belongings so that they are easily transported to the storage facility and equally easy to unpack when you need them again.

Here are some tips for finding the right boxes:

  • Look for sturdy, strong, well-constructed boxes that will protect fragile items from damage during transportation or storage. If a box does not offer sufficient protection for whatever it is holding, do not use it!
  • Choose easy-to-carry and stackable options that make moving items into storage easier than using a large suitcase or duffel bag would (unless these types of containers have been designed specifically with fragile items in mind). Also, look for those that are easy to label so you can tell at a glance what each one contains without having to open every single one individually!

Packing Fragile Items Correctly

  • Use bubble wrap to protect items. Bubble wrap is a great way to prevent fragile items from getting damaged in storage.
  • Avoid packing items in boxes with sharp corners that can cut into your items and cause them to break more easily.
  • Use a box with a lid to prevent items from spilling out and breaking when you lift the box.

Which Items Require Special Attention?

In general, you should never store any of the following items in your self-storage unit:

  • Glass or ceramics
  • Photos and documents
  • Electronics (like cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets)
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Artwork and books
  • Collectables (such as stamps or baseball cards)

Because these items are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity levels, they could be damaged if not properly stored.

Storing Glass or Ceramic Items

Storing glass or ceramic items in your self-storage unit can be a little tricky. You’ll want to be sure that the box you choose for storing your fragile items is sturdy and the correct size for the item. If it’s too small, the item may break free of its restraints, or if it’s too big, you could damage other things in your unit.

To keep fragile items safe while they’re being transported, we recommend using a box with a sturdy lid so that nothing can fall out of it during transit. Packing paper is also important—it adds extra cushioning between breakable objects and their boxes. Make sure to place packing paper between each piece of glassware or ceramics before placing them in their separate boxes so they don’t knock into one another while being moved into storage (and potentially break).

For added protection, put all fragile items on their sides when storing them upright; this will help prevent vibration damage caused by moving packages around!

Storing Photos and Documents

  • Store photos and documents in acid-free paper folders.
  • Use acid-free photo boxes for storing photos.
  • Use acid-free document boxes for storing documents.
  • Make sure to use acid-free paper when you’re making copies or printing out photos or documents that you plan to store in your self-storage unit.

Packing Your Fragile Items Properly

Use the right type of box. When packing your fragile items, use a sturdy cardboard box that is designed to withstand pressure and protect its contents.

Protect your fragile items. While you’re at it, make sure to also pack them in protective materials like bubble wrap or foam peanuts; this will help ensure that any damage sustained by your goods is minimal at best.

Seal boxes with heavy-duty tape. Heavy-duty tape is essential for ensuring that all sides of a box are securely closed so that nothing can fall out or be exposed during transport. It’s also worth noting here how important it is to label each item clearly with its corresponding sticker from the storage unit itself—this will ensure that no one accidentally gets confused about what should go where when you’re finally ready for pick-up day!

We hope that this article has helped you to better understand how to store fragile items in your self-storage unit. It’s important to remember that we are here for you, and our team will be happy to assist in any way they can. Feel free to contact us if there are any questions or concerns about storing your belongings safely with Prestige Storage!

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