When you take your furniture to a storage facility, it means that you want to use it in future. Therefore, when you finally want to retrieve it, you want it in the original condition in which you put it in storage. Storing large furniture items for a while might not expose it to the risk of termites, mould and mildew. However, if you are doing so for a long time, you need to ensure that it will neither get damaged nor deteriorate. The tips below will make storing your furniture in a self-storage unit a breeze. 

Make Sure Everything is Dry

Before putting your furniture away, make sure it is completely dry. The golden rule is that if you put dry furniture into a storage unit, it will come out dry if you use a reputable storage provider like Prestige Storage. Condensation, however, can occur if the furniture becomes wet, resulting in a damp unit. 

If it appears like it could rain on the day of your move, wrap your belongings in blankets and dust sheets before removing any moist sheets from the storage container and leaving everything inside the storage unit dry. If your furniture includes fridges and freezers, defrost them a day or earlier for them to dry completely before being taken into a storage unit.  

Keep Your Valuables Safe 

Your items will have to be transported from your home to the self-storage container by a moving company. Thus choose a reputable and reliable furniture removal company that will adequately protect your stuff. Wrap valuables in bubble wrap using clean, dry blankets and dust sheets. Doing this will safeguard the corners of your possessions when they are placed inside the storage container. You’ll be able to stack furniture closer together without the danger of it collapsing, allowing you to maximise your storage space.

Dismantle Your Furniture, If Need Be

Many times, the amount of time spent in storage is a deciding factor. To save money, acquire the smallest storage unit possible, especially if you will be going to another province or country and need to store your possessions for longer. Dismantling furniture allows you to stack items more neatly and maximise space. This is handy if your furniture is unusually shaped in the form of a corner couch or large dining room tables, for example. 

Enough Space Between the Your Items is Essential 

Choose an adequately sized storage unit; one that won’t make fitting everything in an impossible mission. Leave small gaps between items so that air can readily circulate among them. Moisture should not be an issue if you follow the golden rule that everything should be completely dry before being taken to a storage facility. On the other hand, letting air circulate between your objects in the unit is a smart idea. Keep your valuable possessions on solid ground to avoid unintended injury to them.

Can we help you store your furniture safely for a long period now that you’ve gotten some advice on how to prepare it for storage? Find out more about Prestige Storage self-storage units in Johannesburg. There is one just for you!