Not All Self-Storage Units Are Created Equal 

In self-storage, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work, primarily because you serve clients – businesses and individuals – from all walks of life. It follows, then, that their needs will be as unique. At Prestige Storage we offer the largest variety of unit sizes available in the whole of South Africa. We are the ideal option no matter what you are looking to store.

While unit size is important, it is not the be-all and end-all factor that you have to consider when looking for a unit in a self-storage facility. For instance, are you going to store personal effects or business inventory? Are you storing documents? How fragile are the contents? For how long will they be kept in storage? What is their size? All these, and other, factors need to be considered if you are to make a wise choice about the type of storage unit you will use because not all self-storage units are created equal. 

Long-term and Short-term Units

Some people need long-term rentals, while others need a day or a week. Determining the duration of your rental will help you sort the types of units available. Although most are available for both long and short-term rentals, it is always best to have a good idea of how long you will be storing your items. 

Unit Size and Accessibility

In addition to custom size units, Prestige Storage offers units from as small as 5 ㎡ up to 140 ㎡! To ascertain what unit size you need, consider what you are storing and if you will be bringing in more stuff in due course. We advise that you should think about what unit will suit you best in the long term from the beginning. 

Access to the unit is an important aspect. Hence we suggest that you always think big – an appropriately sized unit will pose problems when you want to access your goods. Ensure that it is big enough to have a handy aisle in the middle. 

Outdoor Storage vs Indoor Storage

In general, outdoor options are used for vehicles like cars, tractors, boats, etc. Conversely, indoor storage is inside a storage building with several security measures to ensure only those with units can enter. There are various unit sizes available, from smaller, narrow units to larger room size units. Equipment and Prestige Storage personnel are available to help you get your belongings from your vehicle to your unit. 

Document Storage and Preservation Units 

Our document storage and preservation units set us apart from our peers. Filing cabinets and shelving can be used within your unit to easily create an off-site solution for files that are seldom used, but necessary to keep. Your documents are easily accessible, even on Sundays by appointment. Because of our beautifully maintained units and top-class lighting, finding that important piece of paper becomes a breeze. 

Prestige Storage Units to Suit Your Prestige 

 We strive to meet our clients’ needs at every turn. Hence, we have a unit that’s created for you to store your property with ultimate convenience and top-of-the-line security at an affordable cost. They may not be created equal but we have a storage unit just for you. For more information about the different types of storage units, call us on 011 493 9997 or get a quote here.