Self-storage units are beneficial for several reasons, but their primary function is to keep your items safe while you are not using them. Some of these items, such as winter gear, technical equipment or books may be required at some point, even if they are in storage. If you don’t keep your belongings arranged, you’ll have a hard time finding them. It is wise to keep your storage unit organised. Here’s how. 

Use Clear Containers Instead of Cardboard Boxes

Transparent plastic boxes allow you to see the contents without having to open the box. If you’re looking for anything specific in the boxes, they’ll save you a lot of time and work.

Disassemble Furniture and Store it Upright 

To save space and money while storing furniture in your storage unit, disassemble it and store it vertically. If you want to keep a bed clean, make sure the headrest, frame, mattresses and, if feasible, the legs are all separated. It will enable you to cram everything into a small space while leaving room for other items.

Back and Bottom is for the Heavy Stuff

Furniture and huge bags, for example, should be stored in the back of the storage facility. Stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the stack and the lightest boxes on top. The heavyweight will not affect smaller and lighter objects.

Store Items You Will Need Regularly at the Front

Some items will likely be used more frequently than others. These items should be kept in clearly labelled boxes or containers in the front of your storage unit. You won’t have to sift through mountains of boxes every time you visit the storage facility if you keep them near the door in an easily accessible area.

Clearly Label All Your Packages 

The importance of identifying each box and bin within a storage facility cannot be overstated. You might think you’ll remember where your family’s photo albums are, but you won’t. Especially if they’ve been sitting for a long time in a storage facility. Use a permanent marker or printed labels to properly label each box. Make sure the box’s labelled side faces the front of the storage unit so you can see it right away.

Leave Room to Manoeuvre 

Make sure there is enough room to move around while placing the boxes in the storage container. Ensure that you leave some space between them so that you can access the front and back of the boxes without disturbing the rest of the contents.

Use Hollow Spaces in Your Furniture to Your Advantage 

If you can’t dismantle your furniture, you can use the available space in a closet or under a dining table to store smaller boxes. It will assist you in freeing up a significant amount of space in your storage container.

Now that you have decided to take the self-storage route, remember that properly storing your possessions and organising your self-storage unit will save you hours of searching through jumbled and unmarked boxes while also increasing the amount of space you have accessible. Contact Prestige Storage’s customer service experts to get a suitable unit for you.