Self-storage units should be maintained, cleaned and organised regularly to guarantee that your goods remain in good condition. Dust can accumulate and termites may feast on your possessions if you leave your storage container unattended for an extended period. Imagine opening your storage container after a lengthy period and breathing all of the dust that has accumulated? It will, almost certainly, be more inconvenient than visiting the facility regularly. Here are some self-storage cleaning tips to help you maintain your storage unit clean at all times.

Use Plastic Containers Instead of Boxes

Using plastic containers instead of boxes is one way of keeping your belongings secure and your storage area clean. Plastic containers provide a safe and secure environment for storing your stuff. They are easy to clean and do not tear quickly when there are a lot of items inside. Because plastic containers are less prone to termites, you can be confident that your books and other paper-based items will be secure within. Using a shelf, pallets or anything else that keeps the containers off the ground can assist in keeping the air moving freely. It also makes cleaning less difficult for you.

Take note of the following before you put your things inside the plastic containers. 

  • Ensure your belongings are completely dry before storing them in plastic containers to avoid mould and mildew growth. To eliminate any moisture, wipe the container clean with a dry microfibre towel before placing anything inside.
  • Examine the storage area to see if it has enough room for all of your belongings. Cardboard boxes don’t survive as long as plastic containers. They will, however, shatter if overloaded with heavy items. Separate your light and hefty items before placing them in your plastic container to avoid damage.
  • Wrap a piece of plastic around the entire container to add an extra degree of protection. It shields you from dust and stains.

Strictly Avoid Storing Food and Perishables