Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out what items should and shouldn’t be stored in a self-storage unit. Take a look at this list for some general guidelines about what items you should avoid storing if possible. 

Weapons and/or Ammunition

The storage of weapons and ammunition is illegal in South Africa. If you must store these items, it’s best to check with your facility beforehand. If they do allow it, your items must be stored securely and safely.

Illegal Materials and/or Goods

It is illegal to store certain goods and materials in a self-storage unit, including narcotics, drugs and pornographic materials; while some facilities do allow these things, you should check with yours beforehand. You don’t want to get in trouble for having illegal things stored on the facility property. 

Jewellery and/or Money

Storing valuable items, including jewellery and money, is one of the most common concerns about self-storage units. These are some things to consider when storing these types of valuables:

  • Do not leave jewellery or cash in your home if you’re planning on renting a storage unit for regular household goods. Thieves might break into your home to get to your valuables and you want them to be safe!
  • If you plan on keeping jewellery, money or other high-value items at the facility, it’s best to rent an individual storage unit for those items alone or use a larger unit and then divide up what needs to be stored separately with boxes/padding so the facility staff cannot see what’s inside.

Pornography and Nudity

Please note that for legal reasons, pornographic material and nudity can’t be stored in a self-storage unit in South Africa. Some facilities do allow these things, but be sure to thoroughly check with your facility beforehand so you don’t get in trouble for having illegal goods on the property.

High-Tech Equipment/Computers

You should avoid storing high-tech equipment and computers in self-storage units because they are very susceptible to damage from power surges or other electrical problems.

Perishable Goods or Materials

Some goods must be kept at a certain temperature to prevent spoilage – perishable goods such as food and medicine, for example. It’s best to avoid storing these items if they can’t be kept at a proper storage temperature. 

Dangerous Goods

Some goods are so dangerous that they cannot be stored anywhere, such as combustible items like petrol, diesel, gas canisters or paint thinners. These types of goods will result in additional fees if found within the facility and whoever is storing them will be responsible for the costs.

Please consult your facility manager to determine whether or not you can store these items before purchasing a unit. While it’s always good to ask, some facilities might have different rules about what should and shouldn’t be stored, so make sure to verify first!

Some goods are commonly stored in self-storage units, but really should not be – these include flammable materials. Be sure to avoid storing any type of flammable or potentially dangerous goods to prevent problems for both yourself and the facility.

Counterfeit Money or Goods

Fake items are considered illegal to have, so it’s best not to store them in your self-storage unit. While some might be allowed if they are carefully packaged and clearly labelled as fake, staff members are trained to spot fake items so you might get into trouble for having these types of goods on the property.

While there are always exceptions to the rules, the items listed above are not allowed in self-storage units due to potential safety hazards. It’s best to check with your facility manager before renting a unit. If you aren’t sure about something, just remove it from your household goods list before moving forward.

The Rules Are There to Protect Everyone

While it sucks to have to look over your household goods list before moving, the rules are there for your safety and the facility’s staff members. If you forget about something, don’t assume that because staff members don’t say anything immediately it will be okay. You can get into trouble just as easily if they find out later.

Remember that the rules are there to protect you and your household goods, so be sure to follow them. Of course, you can always refer to your facility’s rental agreement to double-check all the items that are not allowed in storage units. Be sure to thoroughly read through any rules and regulations before renting a unit as well. 

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