South Africa’s self-storage industry has radically evolved since its ‘birth’ in the late 2000s. Its journey began when individual property developers sought to follow on the industry’s success in the UK and USA. They hunted for large but cheap tracts of land to build drive-up units and, generally, rented these in phases over a few years. At the outset, two major players dominated the industry but other smaller entrants made their foray into the sector as the demand for storage services and facilities grew. Instead of waning in difficult economic and Covid-19 pandemic times, interest in self-storage facilities has reached unprecedented levels. 

Covid-19 Induced Downsizing 

To a certain extent, Covid-19 should be thanked for the sudden popularity of self-storages. At the dawn of the pandemic, many companies found themselves saddled with goods they could not sell owing to the strict regulations imposed by the government. Left in limbo, without [ample] storage facilities of their own, they looked to self-storage facilities. Many individuals and families, on the other hand, had to downsize their homes. Disposing of precious family belongings was out of the question and, hoping for better times ahead, they, too, turned to self-storage facilities. 

Lifestyle Changes 

According to Forbes, lifestyle changes have been a major driving force behind the rise of the self-storage trend. During the pandemic, there has been a notable rise in divorces, family downsizing, dislocation, retirement and death. Consequently, in this recessionary era, self-storage has acted as a necessary service that people use as they navigate difficult life transitions. 

The Rise of Remote Work 

One of the major trends that have emerged during the pandemic is the rise of remote work – the work-from-home phenomenon. Businesses have realised that they can function effectively with fewer people in the office as employees work from home offices. As many retail and office spaces become vacant, the tenants need storage space; in the form of self-storage facilities. 

Repurposing Vacant Commercial Buildings

Vacant buildings are everywhere in commercial and residential areas. Instead of having these torn down, investors are putting them to good use, converting them into storage facilities for business and individual or family use. 

Document Archiving

Believe it or not, paper is still relevant in the 4th Industrial Revolution era. However, there is not much room to store these important documents on a business’ premises. In such cases, an off-site self-storage facility is invaluable. 

Your Space is Worth More

Often, people don’t want to move home, they are content where they are but they don’t have enough room for all of their belongings. It is a classic case of needing self-storage to put away things that are not needed in the short term. Thus, self-storage provides space for household items that you cannot bear to part with but don’t want under your feet for the next couple of years.

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