A storage unit is a facility you rent for storing your stuff, particularly things you are not using immediately. It is an excellent way to get extra storage without cluttering your space. Students can keep additional items in these rented spaces so that they don’t clutter their small apartment. Business owners can use self-storage units as a safe vault for essential files and documents but not immediately needed. 

Homeowners can also use self-storage to accommodate stuff too cumbersome for their house to contain. Some people use these units to store their properties for a while when relocating elsewhere. Once settled, they can have them delivered to their new place. Everyone needs extra space, and this makes self-storage facilities highly recommended.

Since we are aware of the challenges most people face when choosing a self-storage unit, we have curated a list that will help.

1. Location Of The Self-storage Unit

You must choose self-storage that is nearby, especially if you may need frequent access to your things. 

However, if you do not need your items every other day, consider using a unit a bit further away, mainly if it’s the cheapest option. Bear in mind that some self-storage units outside the urban areas are more affordable than those within.

2. Safety Of The Facility

You want to be sure your property is safe since you would not always be there to keep an eye on it. Check how secured the area is. Does the facility have security cameras? Are the environs safe? How many entry points does the facility have? Is the area well lit? These and more are questions you need to ask when making your choice. You want to be sure that not only are your items safe. You are also safe whenever you decide to visit the facility.

3. Facility Guidelines

You need to know if your facility has rules that place restrictions on using the self-storage unit. Some facilities only allow monthly rentals, while others prefer to store your things for a contracted period. Some facilities do not allow certain items to be held in their units, while some give you a specific time to use your self-storage unit. All these rules are put in place to safeguard your storage unit and the items in it. 

4. Size Matters

The size of your ideal self-storage unit depends on how much stuff you want to store. Consider the height and width of the items you wish to keep, and also make a detailed list of all the items to stow away. All these details will help you fathom how much square footage of space is necessary for your things. Don’t forget that the size of your self-storage unit is another factor that affects the cost.

5. Features

To ensure that the storage unit is suitable for your needs, you need to look for specific features. One of them is the temperature of the unit. If you store precious artifacts or costly items, you need a dank or dangerous place on your property.

It is best to get a self-storage unit that fits your requirements. Even if it might cost you a little more money, it is a worthy investment for the long term.

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